[the defenseless power or God is in control]

While Dallas Jenkins and the crew are working on the second season of The Chosen, I have been watching and re-watching the first season as well as The Last Days of Jesus, where Jonathan Roumie also plays the Son of God. There's a part in the Last Days of Jesus' trial and it keeps coming... Continue Reading →

[2020: the year of judging]

2020 has been hard for pretty much everyone around the world. Each had different reasons, but it certainly wasn't an easy year. COVID, elections, economic uncertainty, schools moving online in the timeframes that don't allow for a seamless process... For me, 2020 has also been a year of disappointments. A year when I had to... Continue Reading →

[ego eimi. it’s me.]

I have read the story of Jesus walking on water many times. I have heard it even more times. However, once again, there were some hidden gems that I noticed recently and wanted to share.

[blooming dead trees]

For a week, I have been noticing blooming chestnut trees all around Kyiv. Chestnuts are a symbol of my city, so there's nothing unusual in the tree itself. However, it's now October and most chestnuts bloom in May. In the fall, their leaves usually turn yellowish-brown and, well, fall off. Yet, there were these blooming... Continue Reading →

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